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Man: There's nothing here but rocks. Where are they? What were they doing here? Where's my team? It's getting dark and the sandstorm's picking up. I have no time for riddles.

Woman: You are not asking the right questions. The King of Tyre gave unto Solomon cedar, stone and men of Gabal, from the temple in Jerusalem, but also where you are standing. Why? Because they were such good friends? Or was Solomon more than King of Israel?

M: They built this one for him too? They were involved with Baalbek as well, weren't they? We know the Knights of Malta were active in this area making Krak des Chevalier from stones of Baalbek. What's the connection?

W: Hiram sent Solomon his master builder Hiram Abiff, or Hiram Abi, or Huram Abi. That's in the Bible. But Huram Abi translates as father of Huram. Huram's father was Abiba'al Abi. So did the King of Tyre send his own father?

M: There are bullet holes in the side of the temple. There was a fight here, recently. Please, if you know anything--

W: Hammurabi, the king of Babylon, we now know lived in the same time as Solomon, and that Solomon and Hammurabi may have been the same person. Hammurabi. Huram Abi.

M: Enough. Where are my men? What happened here? What I don't see-- Wait. There. Back at that sheet.[1] Is it in there?

W: The gods entombed in stone, peering down as priests atone, stars awash in shadow from the candles' glow below.

M: There's a zodiac on the ceiling. Look at the floor, the stones have been moved! Quick, give me a hand.

W: (over the sound of moving stone) I do not think we shall meet again, brave soldier. But if we do, I pray you have not found what you are looking for.

M: Down there, do you see? Dear God. We... we found them. We'll camp here tonight and lift them out in the morning.

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File:DUGA-a-145 and BCK DRno6-15 .ogg

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  1. He speaks very quickly here. This is probably not a good transcription of what he's saying.

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