Military defense squad being attacked

ECCMCDK: 52 Edit

Female, possibly military personell, ex. Darknet, trying to stop a Darknet intrusion. Syncs to ECCM(DK:52 and 0xFF-ed:36.

ECCMCDK: 76 Edit

News broadcast declears Gideon killed in London. Describes project to find ancient ruins. Sites were raided by treasurehunters before archologists arrived. Scientist caught selling sattelite data to the black market. Many scientists decleared national security assets. No public funeral for Gideon.

Transcript Edit

[news tune] The body of a once highly respected NASA scientist was found in the early hours of this morning hanging beneath Black Fryars Bridge in the City of London. Along with several pounds of rocks and gravel filling the man's pockets, police found a signed confession. Foul play is not suspected. Doctor Gideon Marconi had formerly been in charge of a NASA project, popularly known as Alter Skies. This celebrated program was responsible for the discovery of numerous hidden ruins from ancient times. However, critics claimed that the sites were often plundered, before experts could examine them. With treasure hunters smuggling priceless artifacts to shady dealers in Europe; the US; South-America and the Middle East. Whether Marconi was involved in illegally selling priceless historical artifacts is unknown. However, the scientist was recently named as an Interpol arrest warrant, charged with treason against the United States and the United Kingdom. According to authorities, Marconi had been selling access on the black market to the top-secret military satellites entrusted to him. In the wake of what has been called the largest US-UK security breach since the early 1980s, increasingly referred to as Alter-gate, NASA has announced a massive security review. As a procautionary measure during investigations many top scientists are being classified as National Security Assets. Limiting their travel and access to potentially corrupting outside influences will ensure their safety and that of any potentially damaging knowledge they may possess. From his humble beginnings on an obscure craggy mediterrenean island, Gideon Marconi's relentless drive and ambition led him to the front ranks of the world's most esteemed scientific circles. It is tragic then that it was this same ambition that ultimately destroyed him. There will be no public funeral service.

ECCMCDK: 96 Edit

Woman answering questions. Mentions ancient nanotech and Sparta, Illinois. Syncs with ECCM(DK:96 and 10L-A11:27.

ECCM(DK 114 Edit

Typing and the sounds of the DJ from BCK_DR#6 104 in the background. Man's voice observing that they're in the entire phone bank, then more typing, and he instructs everyone to leave and flag the safe house as "blown." Message plays on radio show, warning people that Federal Emergency Forces have taken control of key infrastructure and that NSAP targets are not safe. Fades off into odd noises (GW66N 123, 0xFF-ed 110, S.E-CC* 52, S.E-CC* 136, BCK_DR#6 104).

ECCMCDK: 157 Edit

Man talking to agent trancing a hacker (Darknet?) hacking through his phone (related to fe-13-a:143 ?) [actually, it sounds more like fe-13-a:27 & DUGA-@:46]. Closes in on him, closes of local network. Target escapes or is neutralized, not taken in.

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