The completed GID.DIR screen.

This is where the files downloaded via A.TCK.DG will appear and can then be accessed.

Files Edit

Four.Prime.Carriers Edit

This pair of files contains a codewheel with text from the Voynich Manuscript which was used to decode later files from A.TCK.DG.

The code wheel has two rotating wheels. The inner wheel converts (in the Flash version) from Latin to Voynich script when the middle of the wheel is clicked. The outer wheel has a pattern of shaded and checked spaces which follow a pattern of prime numbers from 2 to 17.

Cleo Edit

A slideshow of rotating images. One of them, an image of the constellation Leo, displays a satellite program when the head of the lion is clicked. This program displayed an error when it wasn't activated with the presence of a corresponding ground network in GL.BAL.FORAGER. Now that GL.BAL.FORAGER has reached 100% in every region, clicking on the head of the lion leads to GR.AIL.


There are two files in this set, NTRNL and TQT. The latter acts as a key to decode the former, as per the process in this thread. The message on NTRNL is a letter[1] that reads as follows:

These words stand before three courts as previously signified. We are undivided in our condemnation of the betrayer G., our behest and your devotion thus entwined. This letter and this despot shall be delivered to the burning pyre and no more spoken of. Open as the sharp weight of time presses.

In accordance with your demands G lives still through death by any standard of judgment is deserved. You give him favoured treatment yet we consider him between tolerance and contempt. Your sentiments are perplexing. You must not forget yourself. You particularly understand being on all sides bordered by dragons.[2] The cusp of destiny is in time for measures to be halved.

To G many gifts have been given. A lowly man raised to great importance with no whip shaping his manners is a wild dog left to sniff everything but having no master. He must be surrendered or through the crucible pass. We demand this treason be revealed for all to see. In this command as all things we are brethren.

The notes in the margin of NTRNL have yet to be deciphered, but contain primes which reference the shaded sections of the code wheel.

Notes Edit

  1. is this the letter mentioned in the ECH.LON conversation here: Manhattan
  2. City of London

DPR.Image Edit


The inset drawing appears to be a reference to cymatics, or the study of visible waveforms.

This image appears to show a satellite photo of a temple used by the Knights of Malta. The naming of the file is indicative of the prime sequence found in NTRNL.

Notes are made in both computer-typed and handwritten format indicating analysis of the structure and strategic value of the site. The complex looks to be underground, as well as rather old.  Despite this, the inferences in the top left annotations seem to indicate that it was constructed in such a way that Dual Wavelength Radar (DPR) scans cannot penetrate the complex, suggesting anachronistic sophistication in the architecture.

P.Field.Notes Edit

This file is an original page which looks similar to pages from the Voynich Manuscript but is not found in any of the collections. It is one of the pages in the final file from the JPL server. This version has been marked up with text referencing gold-related nanotechnology and genetic manipulation. Monoatomic Gold, a substance referenced frequently throughout the margin notes, is thought in some circles to have great restorative powers. The references to trichoicism may be a reference to the Lycurgus Cup, which is made of dichroic glass and has been referenced as being stolen in the D.MUX.R audio clips. The dichroic properties of the Lycurgus Cup are due to the colloidal gold and silver in the glass, similar in structure to the monoatomic gold referenced in the field notes. The text of the document itself is likely indecipherable, since it was lifted without edits from the assuredly indecipherable Voynich pages and assembled piecemeal.




Version with Deciphered Text


Comparison of text samples shows that the text in P.Field.Notes was taken from portions of original Voynich Manuscript pages.

V.M. Pages Edit

This PDF file contains several pages from the Voynich Manuscript. One page is an original version of the page found in P.Field.Notes.